WELCOME TO Universal Masonry

Welcome to Universal Masonry . Universal Masonry is a family owned and operated business over 20 years with full experience of all types of masonry work. Feel free to contact us to speak to one of our staff to help you for your house need. We look forward working with you on your next up coming up project.

My father Sal has started this business in 2000 and it went well for him. He has survived all the 5 boroughs with his great masonry services and his number one customer service by giving his clients more then what the job was required. When I started working with my father I liked the trade right away and as years went by I met more connects and I enjoy doing this trade. My father raised a family with this very well and me as a owner would like to keep the name still runing strong and provide our clients with more excellent services this is a joy like what you do will make everyone happy. As my father would say it’s not all about being cheap with the prices it’s about quality work and giving more towards the job.